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Transforming Spaces & Transforming Lives around Phoenix AZ

Hi, I'm Monique!

Owner & Principal Designer of Cozy Space Interiors

My love for the art of home staging began in the early 1990s while I was searching for my first home to purchase after relocating to Arizona from New York City. I was instantly drawn in by the cozy and appealing aesthetics a well-staged home creates. Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate the artistry of home staging as more than strategically placed decor; it’s all about creating a sense of possibility and potential, about creating an inviting space to inspire a person.

Since I was a young girl growing up in New York City I’ve absolutely loved helping my family and friends bring their creative and artistic visions to life; whether it was for a school project, decorating for the holidays, planning a wedding or themed party, redecorating a space, or arranging floral centerpieces. Now, I want to combine my 13 years of marketing, my advanced degree in psychology, and my joy of helping others with effective design execution.

The vision I have for Cozy Space Interiors, LLC. is to transform a space that will ultimately transform the lives of two families. I want to help the seller in obtaining the most return on their investment (ROI), as well as help the buyer to see a home where they belong and can see their own potential realized.

“Nothing will make me more delighted than exceeding your expectations.” -Monique

My Style

Taking inspiration from my deep roots in New York City and my world travels I give attention and focus to blending textures, quality accessories, clean lines, neutral color schemes with subtle touches of color, and simple sophistication.

I enjoy transforming spaces into serene, yet entertaining sanctuaries, or even creating spaces used for family gatherings that still have that sense of tranquility and coziness.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Home?

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